Tree Surgery, Trimming & Pruning

Arborculture is both an art and a science; it combines both skills and craft with knowledge of trees and how they react. It’s an Art Form!

At Timberjack, being skilled arborists we know how to care for and manage your trees in a way that supports their growth and development to diagnose problems and prescribe treatments!

Working with trees can be very dangerous and we recommend you not attempt anything out of your comfort zone! A property assessment will be provided at no charge by a certified Arborist, who will meet with you at the required site location you provide upon request. Once the property or tree in question has been identified/surveyed, a discussion of any of your personal concerns will be acknowledged and topics addressed.

A quote will be provided to perform all necessary work to ensure the tree or trees on your property remain healthy and in turn maintaining the safety of both the property, home and above all, loved ones! Once the quote has been reviewed and both parties have reached an agreement, a date will be arranged to commence the work as discussed and stated in a written agreement.

On jobs that require rigging, this term refers to the use of ropes to lower large branches and pieces of wood. Rigging is necessary when free falling is not an option due to potential hazards, such as obstacles below or power lines. The lowering of branches of wood by way of a rope is especially important when the contract consists of removing limbs from a tree, as more care can be taken not to damage the remaining branches and bark on the trunk of the tree on which the work is being performed, as well as neighbouring trees!

Trees can greatly enhance a property’s aesthetics and value, so we’ll discuss with you if a tree is not a risk or concern, how it should be preserved. At the point it does become a threat or issue, we we’ll address that for you with tree surgery, pruning or trimming.

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