Tree Removal

When you have issues like interfering branches or branches getting into your utility wires or home, and the trees do need to be pruned, we can rectify those issues for you by using safe arborist work practices. If required and you feel the tree is hazardous, a complete removal may be the best option for you.

We ensure your family’s yard is a safe place!

Tree Removal Property & Risk Assessment

Tree risk assessment is the process of evaluating the likelihood that a tree will or will not fail and whether it will cause damage.

For example: a tree or a large tree limb falls on your car, rendering it useless or what are the chances of someone being seriously injured if a wind storm blows a large branch out of the canopy and spear someone to death (it has happened).

Timberjack Tree Services’ arborists perform tree risk assessment to enhance public safety, protect workers on the job site and promote tree longevity by preventing structural failure. Branches or entire trees failing under high wind; improper pruning is a real factor. This is why we recommend a property assessment. A tree risk assessment considers a number of factors:

  1. What is the potential for a tree failure? (Example: a high branch or an entire tree might be ready to fall onto a house).
  2. Is it the environment that may be a contributing factor to cause the tree to be in decline? (Example: compacted soil, root system disturbance, wet saturated soil and improper pruning can make the tree more susceptible to failure).
  3. What would be damaged in the way of personal property? (Example: Your car or home! Or worst case, a loved one or a pet. In addition, as a homeowner, that public’s safety is also a liability that must be taken into consideration).

Construction damage is one of the most common causes of the decline, or worse, death, of the trees in urban settings. In cities and suburbs, treed areas are being converted into commercial and residential areas. Buildings are erected in the midst of the trees to take advantage of the aesthetic value of the wood. Unfortunately, if proper steps are not taken to ensure their survival, many trees will be lost. Timberjack is happy to advise you on which trees are suitable for retention and assist in the design layout that maintains the trees’ health and safety during and after the construction process.

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